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The report entitled "India Pet Care Market Outlook, 2021-26" gives a comprehensive analysis of the pet care market of India for the segmentations of Pet Food, Pet Accessories, Pet Grooming & Pet Healthcare, along with in-depth analysis for market share by animal type (Dog, Cat, rabbit, bird, and others), by food type (wet & dry), by accessories (toys; harness, collar, leashes chain & muzzles; Beds, Pet Houses, Crates & Cages; Bowls, Feeders, training tray & pads, Litter box; and others), by grooming product (Shampoo & conditioner, oil, spray; brushes, combs, trimmers; & others) by sales channel (Specialized Stores, Multi Brand Retails & Online Retails), by region (east, west, north, and south), by cities (Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, and others) and by major companies.