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Best waterproof cases for iPad mini 4

We definitely want to use the best: the best phone, the best apps like scanners iphone app, the best cases and the best protection. Therefore, I suggest that you consider the covers for your iPad:


If you're looking for a waterproof case for your iPad mini, we recommend the Lifeproof NUUD or Catalyst cases above. But if you don't have at least $90 to throw around, MoKo's Universal Tablet Case is a great option.

This case fits all tablets up to 8 inches diagonal, which means it should fit your 7.9 inch iPad mini perfectly. Slip the iPad into the top, close the case and lock it in place, so iPad mini is completely protected from water (up to 98 feet), snow and dirt.

MoKo recommends testing your state by stuffing it with paper towels or paper towels and submerging them in a basin full of water for two to three hours. This way, you can be absolutely sure that you have closed the lid correctly. The iPad screen is covered with a film that provides full touch sensitivity and clarity. The back has clear dots so you can take photos or videos safely without worrying about water damage. It even has a wrist strap on the back to make sure you never lose your grip.

This case is available in black, white or blue.

Joto The

Joto option is more of a bag than a box. The iPad mini slides smoothly and you can lock it like a zipped bag. Some may think this isn't the safest way to isolate an iPad, but it works surprisingly well. While the is technically a case, the JOTO case is made of durable plastic and also has a kickstand so you can use the touchscreen functions seamlessly without holding the device, thanks to the transparent interface. The back of the is also transparent, making it easy to take photos and videos.

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