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Apple Goes Green with the iPhone

Up until recently, the Apple iPhone has been the top of the line in phone technology. Apple has always loved challenges and was the first in them. Best apps like call recording, best camera and many more. But, recent models of Android phones have given the iPhone a run for its money. The memory,

application usage, and plastic cases have made these phones the perfect bridge between a

conventional cellular phone and the iPhone. To regain its ground, Apple has created a new

version of the iPhone to come out in July of 2022 which will be more Greener.

he biggest development that the new iPhone is rumored to have is most definitely a

plastic case. Anyone who has owned an iPhone knows all about the necessity of a large plastic

box in order to keep the glass case from breaking any time it is dropped. Many models of

Android phones definitely had this one Apple. Some of the models would even bounce when

dropped due to light, durable plastic cases. Rumor has it that this feature will now be taken

to the new iPhone with a new environmentally-friendly case. Speaking of environmentally-

friendly, it may also contain a new kind of glass on the front that is not only friendly to the

environment, but ultra-thin and durable as well.

The new battery

The new iPhone 6 may also be introducing a new type of battery. This battery is known as an

organic radial battery. What exactly does that mean? This means the battery will not include

nearly as many dangerous metals as traditional lithium cellular phone batteries. A little nod

to Mother Nature, and she is surely thanking them for it. And, what makes the development

even better is that the organic radial battery can actually be charged in around half an

hour. So you won’t have to wait around for your phone to charge before you can head out


The new style

The light, thin look of many of the Android phones has also been a feature that many people

have found much more appealing for a phone choice. Apple has noticed this as well, and

created a thinner, sleeker model of phone. The phone may not include a button on the

bottom anymore, instead leaving room for the entire surface of the phone to contain a

screen. Who really uses that one button anyway?

There are many more features to be included in this amazing new phone. Apple has definitely

recognized that Android definitely had the leg up in phone technology and called out Android

with this one. The iPhone 6 may be just the thing to put Apple back on top.

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